There will be time, there will be time.

The Messiah Formerly Known as Jesus: Dispatches from the Intersection of Christianity and Pop Culture - Tom  Breen With this book, I did what I never do.

I returned it to the store.

It looked like it would be an interesting look at how modern Christianity has developed a pop culture all its own. That’s what the sub-title suggested. And it was a small press book.

But this book was just horrible. The author wants to be an Onion journalist so bad and it shows in his need to insert unnecessary zingers in every last paragraph.

The premise is that Democrats and hippies and atheists are all the same and don’t understand religion. There are moments of clarity where Breen does dive into the way Christianity has influenced or co-opted pop culture, but these are always interrupted by his need to go for the LOL.

What makes it worse is that you can tell that he does know quite a bit about theology and pop culture and that he could’ve written the book I wanted. But he didn’t. Instead, he wrote a book-long LiveJournal screed.

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